Trump’s love/hate relationship with the media

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump tried tirelessly to bypass the press. On countless occasions, he disregarded major newspapers and networks while at the same time showing support to all and any news outlet that would support him unconditionally.

Éléa Tymen, Lolla Sauty-Hoyer and Philippe Peyre have more on this Love/hate relationship that President Trump has with the press.  

Q&A: 1. Is Trump challenging the press or is he challenging reality?

2. Trump is not immune to criticism, even from the media which supports him: does that mean he has no strategy and that he’s guided by a need for absolute control of speech. 

3. How did the media adapt their strategies to cope with this unpredictable behavior ? 

Éléa Tymen, Lolla Sauty-Hoyer and Philippe Peyre