The Talk Show that never happened

“Hello everyone and welcome to this Pre Election Talk Show produced by IJBA, with the collaboration of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and the Florida State University of Tallahassee. We are very excited to welcome in our studio tonight Nicolas Labarre and Michael Stambolis, professors at the university of Bordeaux Montaigne, with whom we will explore the many decisive issues of the 2020 US Presidential elections. I am Juliette Brossault and with me to host this special event my colleagues Raphael Lardeur, Lou Surrans and Théo Putavy…”

This is how the night was supposed to unfold. The opening theme was set, questions were written, and video reports were ready to air. But on October 28th, President Emmanuel Macron declared a nationwide lockdown. 

As we write these lines, the hosts of the show, its guests, writers, cameramen, directors and assistants are scattered around the country and beyond. They had worked very hard for this program to air, and we couldn’t get ourselves to let their efforts go to waste. 

So here is the Talk Show That Never Happened: a multi-media project that includes all the editorial elements that were supposed to be broadcasted tonight at 8PM. You can click on the following links to explore the 12 segments of the show with their opening lines, segment kick-offs and segways, questions to in-studio guests, video reports and vox pops from Bordeaux, New York and Tallahassee. Enjoy the show!