Spectacular meetings and political attacks: An American oddity

This election cycle was a real entertainment show, with candidates and voters posing as comedians v. spectators. As campaigns put their money and efforts on spectacular meetings and incredible political ads, personal attacks and insults flooded the airwaves in the most American way possible.

Q&A : 1. Why are Americans so fond of oversized meetings, political ads and personal attacks?

2. We said earlier that this election cycle felt like an entertainment show. Is it also fair to say that it sometimes bordered a circus show or even a serial drama?

In every electoral battle, money quickly becomes the « sinews of war ». And this time around, the two opponents did not compete on equal terms.

Q&A: 1. Indeed, money talks. But will it help the most prodigal candidate win the election? 

Océane Provin, Floriane Padoan, Valentine Meyer