Pence v. Harris: Choosing the right running mate

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are not the only top-billings in this race. Their running mates, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, are also on everybody’s lips and mind.

Who are they and how do they complement the presidential candidates?
Carla Monaco, Théo Putavy, Emma Saulzet drew their portraits for us.

Q&A: 1. Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are very different and represent two distinct Americas. However, they have one thing in common: they are both very presidential. As Donald Trump and Joe Biden are over 74 years old, would you say that this is a major feature?

2. What other elements are taken into account when choosing a running mate? 

3. Joe Biden’s decision to nominate Kamala Harris was an historic one. Before last summer’s racial uprisings, would it have been possible to pick a woman of Indian-Jamaican heritage?

4. As the current VP, Mike Pence draws very little attention to him. Yet, he is a key element in Trump’s politics. What is his role in the White house and how does he help Trump in his race to the Oval Office?  

Choosing the right running mate is very important as he or she plays a key role in the race to the White House. But once elected, what becomes of this role?

Q&A: 1. The VP’s office is often called the “sleepy office”. Do you agree with this representation? 

2. Being that both presidential candidates are over 74, does that give their running mates larger responsibilities and power?  

3. Are the VP candidates looking to become presidential candidates in 2024? 

Lets us go back to the VP debate that took place on Octobre 7th. What were its outcomes? Emma Saulzet has more 

Q&A: 1.Did you watch the debate? Who do you feel won the night? 

2. How important are debates between VPs knowing that their duties once in office are minimal? 

Théo Putavy, Carla Monaco, Emma Saulzet