The elections fallouts: What to expect?

For the last few weeks, president Donald Trump has been toying with the idea of not recognizing an eventual defeat. His strategy is to stay ambiguous when journalists ask him if he would accept a peaceful transition. 

Politico recently revealed that his team was working on different scenarios to keep him in power. Our reporters Luca Campisi, Joseph Lacroix-Nahmias and Anthony Derestiat looked at these options.

Q&A: 1. If Trump loses the election, will he admit his defeat? In the past few months, his commitment to a peaceful transition was very timid, to say the least. What if he refuses to concede? 

2. Right-wing extremists promised to come armed to polling stations across the country. How might they react to Donald Trump’s defeat?

3. Is the American democratic system in danger?

4. Are we looking at a possible civil war? And what is being done to reduce tensions? 

Luca Campisi, Joseph Lacroix-Nahmias and Anthony Derestiat